songs by Michael Amo and Rick Fathers

Song Of The Month/December 2015

December 1, 2015


WARNING!: This song contains no nuts and only trace amounts of Christmas content.  It started as an instrumental that Rick composed and that I subsequently managed to sneak into a scene of a TV pilot I wrote called “Befriend and Betray” in which the hero – a professional gang infiltrator – goes to a massage parlour, tries to rescue a girl and gets in a bloody fight with several Chinese Triads.  The day after the movie was broadcast on Shaw, I discovered that it was now available on an amazingly wide variety of free download sites – almost like ….  a Christmas present? (or, legally speaking, stolen intellectual property)  I recently added some lyrics in the spirit of the mysterious title that Rick plucked out of the ether (or the water).  Rick and I wish happy holidays, peace on Earth and all the best in 2016 to file-sharing basement dwellers everywhere.
I feel love. I feel light.
Maybe something in the air.
Maybe something on the wind.
Maybe something in the water.
You feel love. You feel light.
Maybe something in your brain.
Maybe you are just the same.
Maybe something in the water.
We feel love. We feel light.
Maybe it’s a real change.
Maybe we are both insane.
Maybe something in the water.

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