songs by Michael Amo and Rick Fathers

We Were The Future –
– is Mike Amo (yours truly) and Rick Fathers.  I write the words and music.  Rick writes the music and then performs it.
We met as kids in Collingwood, Ontario when I was walking up our street carrying a Hot Wheels Hot Curve and Rick was on his front steps dropping cars down a length of straight track.  The collaboration has continued ever since.
These days, I make my living as a screenwriter so, whether it’s in script or song form, I love to put myself inside the skin of another character, then experience the world through their senses, their obsessions, their desires.  Among the pantheon of songwriters who’ve inspired me are the usual suspects (Ray Davies, Randy Newman, Kate Bush, Bruce Cockburn, Ron Sexsmith, Pete Townshend, the Beatles) plus some who didn’t need to channel other voices — larger-than-life characters all by themselves (i.e. Ian Dury, Shane McGowan).
Rick’s influences started with the Beatles and went supernova from there – everything from Debussy to Charlie Christian to Jeff Buckley to Frank Zappa to Toad the Wet Sprocket just to name a few.  Musical complexity is not a problem for Rick but he believes that if it can’t be played on an acoustic guitar and sung in a loud voice under a railway bridge,  then it probably needs a re-write.  Rick sometimes recruits friends to play on our recordings.  He works in a music store so he knows a lot of terrific musicians.  However, on most of the tunes you’ll hear on this site, Rick does everything himself.
Thanks for listening.
Our friend Avard Woolaver took all the amazing pictures on the site.
Check him out!
All photos © Avard Woolaver: http://avardwoolaver.wordpress.com


  1. Good job on the site, guys! I really like your songs.

  2. Great stuff you guys! Love your music. You’d come a way from the days of Shiver Logic. Beautiful photos too!

  3. Amazing Tricky Rick !
    Always love to hear how you layer your sounds
    Every hear something by a band Called da Beatles ? They did a really neat album in sixties called called Sgt. Peppers
    You ever give it a listen ?
    Boothy make joke ?
    Hearing your stuff makes me wanna get in studio get my new stuff recorded before songs get lost to ravages of time on one hand ….. The other thinks I should give up and just let real musicians like you write all the new songs you do it so well !
    Talk soon

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